story of life from Sarah. E

...In the story of life, write the best book you can. Have pages on understanding and tales of overcoming hardships. Fill your story with romance, adventure , poetry , and laughter . Make each chapter reflecte time well spent. Meet your obligations , but take time to greet your aspirations . If you live up to your potential , you'll never have to livr down any disappointment .Remember that a little love goes a long way. Remember that a lot of ... goes forever. Friendship is the best invesment one can ever make..Good luck !

متن بالا رو يه دوست محترم لطف کردن به من دادن ازشون ممنونم

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دوست من سامان ...مرسی که article من رو اينجا نوشتی...موفق باشی...


Matne jadidi ke gozasht jaleb bood! va ziba!

پانته آ

ممنون از محبتت... بله با اينكه نوجواني ما پر از مشكلات و محدوديتها بود باز هم يادش عزيزه.