She jumps on the bed.
MATHILDA : Léon? I think I'm falling in love with you.

Léon's milk goes the wrong way. She calmly said it, laying
on the bed, spread arms. Like a simple truth. Léon got milk

MATHILDA (CONT'D) : ...Anyway, this impressed you!

He dries himself, but doesn't reply.

She gets in the room and unpacks her things, including
cosmetics. She gets close to the window and starts making up herself.
Léon in a towel, small for his size. He gets in the living room.

LEON : Mathilda?
MATHILDA : (out of scene) Yes.... I'm arriving.

Léon gets to the window and looks out. Something changed in
Léon. He's tired by all this, maybe. He sits on the chair.
Mathilda's walkman is on. He hesitates, then eventually puts
on the headphones. It's a sweet, almost classical music.
Very beautiful, like the arriving Mathilda. She wears the
dress Léon offered her, she's made up. She looks 20 years
old. Léon's mouth is open. She smiles and heels down before
him. He gets off the headphones.

LEON : What's going on?
MATHILDA : (surprised) Nothing... Why?
LEON : Well... I don't know, suddenly, the make up... All this... How are you? Are you OK?
MATHILDA : Of course! I'm fine! I put on your beautiful dress, I slightly made up...
I tried to get beautiful! Don't youlike it?
LEON : (shy) ...Yes.
MATHILDA : So say it!
LEON : (pause) ...I like it...

Mathilda smiles and stands up. She gets in the kitchen. Léon
feels weird, like he was falling in a trap, without being
able to do anything. Mathilda comes back with a glass of milk
she hands to Léon. She lowers the tents to dim the strong
sunlight. Mathilda heels down in front of him. Léon doesn't
dare moving any more.
MATHILDA : ...Don't you drink?

LEON : I prefer waiting for a while... I feel it would go the wrong way.

Mathilda takes the glass from his hands and drinks half. She
passes her tongue along her lips to dry up the milk. Léon
looks at her, like a child in front of a sweet. She returns
his milk. Mathilda looks like a calm cat.

MATHILDA : (sweetly) I love you, Léon... Totally. It's the first time I feel it that strong.
It's also the first time I trust a man. I trust you.

She caresses his hand.

MATHILDA (CONT'D): ...I love your hands...(pause) Léon... in your hands... I'd like you
to be my first lover.

Léon retracts his hand and finishes the milk. He looks at
Mathilda with as much sadness as happiness. By a fingertip,
Mathilda takes the milkdrop on Léon's lips and gets it in
her mouth. Léon is going to cry.

LEON : (feeling bad) ...I can't, Mathilda... I can't.

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